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I am the type of person that doesn't really like to workout with a lot of other people around. I always feel self conscious for some reason. Most people don't care what other people are doing, but if you are like me, you're in luck. I do not work in a gym. I work from home. This will give us one on one time, which means all the focus is on you and your workouts. We will work together to learn proper technique during warm up, cardio & resistance workouts, and cool down. Proper technique is very important to prevent injury.

What should I do?

Now that you know a little about me I would love to get to know you. I would love to know who you are, your dreams, your goals, and whatever else we can talk about. I love to talk and get to know people. One of the things that will be important to me as your personal trainer, is for you to feel safe with me. I want to know your ideas and what I can do to make your experience the very best. Something else that is important to me is for you to know that I will be here for you when you need to vent, laugh, and even cry (especially when you see any progress in your journey). Remember I have been there too and I have done my share of crying, but happy crying is the best.

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