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Hello there. I'm Sharon. Let me tell you a bit about me. I am 36 years old, have three beautiful children, a daughter who is 15, a son who is 5, and a son who is 3. I am on my second marriage, which explains the gap in age between my two oldest. All of my children were born via c-section. I unfortunately also lost my appendix with my daughter and my gall bladder with my oldest son. All this means that my c-sections were not normal. I was cut vertically instead horizontally on my bikini line. I know you're wondering why I am telling you all of this. The explanation will come.

In 2003, I decided I really had to lose weight. I had just gone through a divorce and feeling less than stellar. I was introduced to The Firm dvd's through my oldest sister and I loved them. I also started to drink a slim fast for breakfast and dinner and eat smaller meals throughout the day. It worked and I lost about 75 pounds. I met my second husband in 2005 and we were married in 2007. Our first pregnancy resulted in an ectopic pregnancy(tubal). It was heart breaking. In our first year of marriage I put back on about 30 pounds of what I had worked so hard to lose. By the time our second son was born I had nearly gained back all the weight I lost. It was hard and depressing. I have a good friend who also struggles with her weight and she lost weight with a meal plan and better exercise. When I finally knew that it was time she helped me start my weight loss journey. I had lost 93 pounds in about 15 months but now I struggle with an odd 10 pound up and down issue. With this weight loss and my c-sections my mid section is broken and sticks out funny. In order to fix it I have to have a tummy tuck. Awesome!! However, after losing all that weight people started asking how I did and now it's gone to help me lose and show me what you've done.

When I think of a personal trainer, I think about someone who is a bodybuilder or over the top excited about exercise. I'm not either of those. I in fact struggle with weight and food "addiction" still. It all started when I was about 9-10. I started to gain weight during puberty and because of teasing I would eat food in secret. I sometimes find myself doing that still. Until a little over a year and a half ago, I was always overweight and when I started to lose weight again, about two years ago, my BMI was in the morbidly obese category. I never thought of myself as being obese, overweight yes, but not obese. I don't know about you, but I always can find an excuse to eat and justify it. But now when I do, I feel a lot more guilty doing it. I feel guilty because I know I am stronger than my "cravings" most days. We all should have cheat days, we just don't need them all the time.

I struggled with the thought of becoming a personal trainer and after a friend offered to help me pay for it, if I helped her to stay on track, I decided to do it. I am so glad I did. I also have specialties in Weight Loss and I'm working on Youth Exercise. I got my CES, CPT, FNS, WLS, and YES through NASM(National Academy of Sports Medicine). I can't wait to start helping as many people I can become healthier versions of themselves. Everything we do in this life is a journey so we should really make the best of it and help each other through it.

"Believe It. Do It. Live it"

-Sharon Walker

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